Keeping busy in the holidays

December 19, 2006

Well the holidays are upon us, hoorah. I now have six weeks of summer and kids and no commute! I have decided to do a cycle everyday if I can. This first week is no probs as the kids are at school until Friday 21st. We broke up last Thursday 14th, so far I have cycled into the city a back (29 km) on Friday, did a circuit of Newport along Altona beach to Sanctuary Lakes, up to Point Cook then back down to Williamstown (for a Latte) and then back to Newport (40 km) on Saturday, visited a friend at Sanctuary Lakes on Sunday (12 km, only went one way met up with hubby and the kids and got a lift back, slack I know!) and today, Monday, I went to Elsternwick to visit my folks then to Carnegie to the bike shop to get the Surly checked (it is its 1 month Birthday today) and then home to Newport (67 km). This last trip was pretty good. I was on the bike for a little under 3 hrs and averaged about 23 km/h (this included getting reasonably lost in Port Melbourne). Only pain I suffered afterward was sore toes and feet in the cycling shoes. I’m still not really used to them (had toe clips on the old bike, you tend to move your feet around more). Not sure where I’ll go tomorrow, I have to do some Christmas shopping so it will have to be a shorter trip.


Still loving that ride

November 27, 2006

Now into my second week of commuting on two wheels. The bike is riding a treat. Still have to master the cleats, had a few close calls and yesterday had a minor topple. Nothing was damaged, other than my pride! Here is another pic. What a ride!

The Surly LHT

Friday ends a week of commuting on two wheels

November 24, 2006

Well, I road from Tuesday to Friday this week and feel great. Was expecting to have tired legs but didn’t feel too bad on the way home today. There was a pretty stiff head wind so it was a bit of a slog anyway. Had to avoid a Tiger snake of the track as well. It just ignored me 🙂

Have waxed lyrical about the bike to any who will listen, pretty tragic really, but am still chuffed. wonder how long it will last?

My First foray into Blogging

November 24, 2006

Hello world, welcome to this blog. As the name suggests, I have started this blog because I am excited about my lovely new Surly Long Haul Trucker which I helped make with Tim at Fitzroy Cycles, Carnegie. After almost 15 yrs of exemplary service I have retired my Dodsun Executive. It has been a great bike and holds many memories, but the time had come.

Below are some pictures of the new Surly. It is Cherry Red, has mat black, Velocity wheels, Shimano 105 components (for the most part, the nice thing about building your own bike is you can pick stuff exclusively for your needs). I use it to commute to work, which is a 35 – 40 minute ride (wind dependent!). So the Surly was a great choice, it is considered indestructible, and as I carry quite a bit of weight in the panniers I needed something with durability. Surly LHT1What a beautiful ride!

Surly LHT2